Neverwinter: D&D with a different vibe

After discussing DDO with my husband over the weekend we ended up re-loading the other D&D MMO, Neverwinter (by Perfect World Entertainment). We’d actually played this MMO pretty intensively together two years ago. No decision on what we’ll end up playing as our new trio coop game next, but this game is one possibility.

2014 memories

2014 memories

Neverwinter is an action combat MMO, but one in the ‘modern’ style; it reminds me somewhat of Tera in general controls and combat design. The camera is locked to the cursor by default so you steer your character’s point of view quite literally and aim spells and abilities using the mouse. You also have two basic attacks bound to the left and right mouse buttons, plus a limited actionbar of cooldown abilities.

A rather nicely designed, minimalist UI for an action MMO.

A rather nicely designed and minimalist UI in this action MMO.

I was happy to see some active members still in the guild we joined back in 2014. Talking to the them last night, it appears much has changed beyond simple content releases. The campaign interface is certainly very different – it now has an overview screen like a vertical ladder to show how the various leveling zone story arcs and the end-game campaigns fit into your character’s journey.

A new campaign begins...

A new campaign begins…

We jumped into the Elemental Evil campaign as we stopped playing the last time before this was released. The Forgotten Realms isn’t my favourite D&D world, I run an Eberron-based pen and paper campaign, but playing alongside Minsc and Boo is a blast from the very long-distant past that was Baldur’s Gate.


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  1. Shintar says:

    It’s probably not a bad time to jump back in; Elemental Evil was pretty horrible when it came out but they’ve revamped it multiple times now and it’s apparently not too bad, though 60-70 is still very grindy. Also, it’s the Summer Festival!

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