Dark vs Light and Evaluating coop options

A couple of small things in this end-of-week post:

Dark vs Light

I’ve managed to squeeze in a few short sessions on my new Sith Warrior for the current Dark vs Light event in SWTOR. According to the website the Dark Side has a fractional lead as of the time of publishing this (51% Dark vs 49% Light).


Merciful Sith

It’s rather interesting playing a Light side Sith, rebellious in some ways and stoic in others. So far I’ve not had any major dilemmas over Light side choices, they’re invariably what I would prefer to choose over the more hateful or spiteful Dark side options.


Our trio group is busy in discussions to find a good game to settle in for a the 7 or so weeks before Legion launches. We’ve been playing The Secret World mostly of late but content is running out now so that will not keep us busy much longer. We dipped back into Shadowrun Chronicles both to play with a fourth player and to try the new Missions downloadable content – it’s rather good for a quick 30-60 minute session at the end of the day. The maps have partial-randomisation of opponents and map details so there’s some longevity too if we’re not too intensive playing them.

'Rescue' mission in progress.

‘Rescue’ mission in progress.

That still leaves a doubt of what to play when we have a longer, full evening, session of gaming. Inspired by recent playing some D&D together, I’m very tempted to dip back into DDO to see what quests have been added since we last played. Reading as I write this of the sad news of new layoffs at Turbine, I’m even more of the mind to play DDO and to give the studio some support at a difficult time – their games are well worth playing!

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  1. Karinshastha says:

    Light Side Sith choices make for a very interesting story – you get to journey through the minds of the writers as they figure out how to unfold a scene in which killing everyone isn’t in the cards

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