WTB more time

I’ve had some deadlines changed on me with short notice and have a ton of work to do this week now so it looks like MMO gaming time is going to be in short supply. It’s doubly annoying as there is so much I’d happily be playing at the moment, if I could.

At least Starfall has finished in Wildstar so I’m not missing anything in that game but I’m also failing to find the time to level my engineer. I’ve not looked at the latest chapter for the Knights of the Fallen Empire yet and my new Sith Warrior hasn’t left the tombs of Korriban either.

There’s also the Guardians of Gaia anniversary event happening in The Secret World until the 13th July. We did squeeze in a couple of guardian fights among all the pen and paper D&D this weekend, but I can’t see us managing that many sessions of the game for the next week so I may not do much more of this event this year.


I may have to slow my blogging schedule temporarily, I’ll see how it goes. Enjoy your gaming time whatever you’re playing!

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