SRC: a new playthrough begins

A friend with whom we’ve played World of Warcraft on and off for many years recently purchased Shadowrun Chronicles, so over the weekend we took a break from our Dungeons & Dragons marathon to start a new re-run of the original SRC campaign.


Manaball is the go-to spell

We’ve mostly played this game as a trio, requiring a NPC ‘runner’ to make-up the full party size of four. This is the first time we’ve actually played this particular game as a four. After the solo tutorial, there are three or four duo-only missions to play through and then the rest of the game has the standard party size.

Wrong skill combo means getting beat up by early content

Wrong skill combo means getting beat up by early content

I’m playing a mage/automatics character this time. I did initially try magic/rigging as a combo but early on there’s a mission against security drones and my character was next to useless since such opponents are immune to magic and the basic drone was no match for them.

Not sure if we’ll be able to keep momentum for a full play through as there’s a time zone difference to complicate scheduling but it is fun to be back in this game once more.

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