TSW: foreshadowing of Tokyo?

We played another “filling in the gaps” session last night in The Secret World. We were able to finish off the last three or four missions we’d never completed in the City of the Sun God zone. While running those missions I noticed a couple of little hints at what would be  future content at the time the zone was released.


Amir, the Jinn mission-giver, mentions in a cut scene about the Jinn and the Oni being exiles. It only stood out to me because we’d already completed the Tokyo content first and met plenty of Oni, I presume this was a little hint of deliberate foreshadowing for what would come in Issue 9 (which added Kaidan to the game).


Also we completed another mission, the Dark Places, which also features a familiar creature if you’ve spent any time in Tokyo…


It’s only a brief encounter at this time but because we’d done Tokyo beforehand it freaked us out slightly how this creature is introduced and that it has a guest ‘appearance’ this much earlier in the game. If these are deliberate foreshadowing of what is to come then it only reinforces the layered quality of the writing in this MMO!

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5 Responses to TSW: foreshadowing of Tokyo?

  1. Sylow says:

    Interesting. Perhaps I really should go through all of these older missions at some time.

  2. I could be wrong, but I think Amir discussing the Oni is part of issue fourteen? I think? So that wouldn’t really be foreshadowing.

    The Flappy one has definitely been in since launch, though. You may recall our dear Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen also shows up in one of the main storyline interludes.

    Funcom has said they’ve had most if not all of the storyline for the game planned out for a long time (I believe it was said they currently have clear plans laid until issue twenty-two or thereabouts), so it definitely doesn’t surprise me to see them foreshadowing things long beforehand. There’s probably stuff in the game now we haven’t even taken note of that will prove to be super important later on.

    • Telwyn says:

      I haven’t purchased 14 yet. Amir does have a mission we can’t access but his other two are earlier – discussed on forums at least six months before Issue 9 was released.

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