Weekend gaming fun, both expected and unexpected

This weekend I had an unusual amount of solo gaming time so I had some good gaming sessions in several games. SWTOR is on the backburner since I’m waiting on the Dark vs Light event to start. In LOTRO I played some more of the epic story, inching closer to both the cap (now level 102 of 105!) and the newer content.


I ended up back in Everquest 2 as well wondering what I could do to break past the levelling barrier I was feeling. It so happened that my guild started up a High Keep group so I joined and two or so hours later my Shadowknight had dinged his way from 97 to 100! I finally have a capped character in this game; DBG better not go and raise the cap again anytime soon…


Finally in Wildstar I took the final weekly Starfall quest and ran one of the two dungeons for that achievement (I was a bit dungeoned-out after such an epic High Keep session).


I queued for Protostar Games, one of the two dungeons I’ve actually tried in this MMO. The run went well through to the last boss, the usual PUG fare of silent but mostly ok-coordination. Then it all fell apart a bit on the final boss Wrathbone, we wiped four times and each time we were pretty close to killing the boss. I asked what mechanic we were missing and the only response I got was the two medics decided to switch roles (healer / dps).

I think I’d really need a guild to be happy playing group content in Wildstar, like WoW or any other MMO with a “group finder” equivalent I’m just not happy with the “play in silence” mentality of so many PUGs. It was good to get some group practice in again regardless and I even managed to give DiminisherBot a go, swapping my BruiserBot out in favour of something more group-friendly.

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