SWTOR: Dark vs Light dilemma

So from the 28th June there’s the Dark vs Light event in SWTOR. This requires players to create a new character and to level said character during the event in order to get various rewards at different level breaks (level 25 is the first tier goal). Dulfy’s guide has all the details. The dilemma I have is what character to play for this? I’m lucky in that I still haven’t completed many of the character stories, so I won’t have to repeat one just for the event. It is a good motivation to get on with one of the ones I haven’t seen yet!

So far I have levelled a Consular and Trooper through their full class story and beyond. I also have a Bounty Hunter parked just shy of the end of his story. Recently I have brought my Jedi Knight up to Voss, so he’s closing in on his story completion also.


Of the classes I haven’t yet finished (i.e done all three chapters of the original class story), Imperial Agent has been my priority on the odd occasion when I have the time to play him. I really like his character model and am not really in the mood to ‘rush’ levelling him for a limited time event.


The second highest priority, of those class stories I haven’t yet played much, would be for my Smuggler. Again, I really like his design so I’d be very reluctant to start a new Smuggler.

So what other class should I use for the event? I do have a really old Sorceror that I’m not that attached to. Finally I never rolled a Sith Warrior on live – that was the first class I played in the late Open Beta and I haven’t played it since.

One aspect to the event is that Light/Dark side choices will have an additional effect in so far as they will add to a cumulative global count of each for the event as a whole. My natural affiliation is with the Light side/Republic. So it may actually be time for me to play a character against type (e.g. Light side Sith). I’ve not tried this before so it could be rather interesting to see how that works in practice.

Apparently the results of the cumulative Light side/Dark side choices will be felt in “the Fall” so sometime in Autumn, maybe September or October, the event will end. That’s a good amount of time for me to casually level a new character.

Does anyone have any strictly non-spoiler thoughts on Light side Sorceror vs Light side Warrior, is one more fun than the other?

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  1. Shintar says:

    I remember light side inquisitor has some pretty fun moments where NPCs expect the big mean Sith to throttle them and are… amusingly surprised when you don’t. I do think the warrior has some of them as well though I didn’t find them as memorable. On the other hand, the warrior has one of the better class stories overall and a unique companion that develops a completely different personality based on whether you steer her towards the light or dark side.

  2. I was really disappointed when I found out what the requirements were for participation in this event. I hadn’t realized you’d need to start new characters for it. So while I had been looking forward to it, there’s a good chance I’m going to ignore it entirely. If I’d known this was coming months ago, maybe I’d have held off leveling some characters, but now I’m fairly burnt out on leveling.

    As for what you should play, I’ve just recently completed the warrior story, and I found it to be really enjoyable, so that’s what I’d go with. There’s a surprising amount of humour in it; I found myself laughing out loud nearly every mission.

    Also, warrior has the game’s very best companion: Vette.

    Inquisitor sort of underwhelmed me. It starts off very strong, but it just kind of fizzles out in the later chapters, and none of the inquisitor companions are particularly interesting.

  3. RohanV says:

    If you go Light-Side Inquisitor, you’ll have to avoid all the [Shock] options. There are a lot of people who need to be shocked. Meanwhile the LS Warrior story is really good, you’re a pure knight of the Empire.

    If you’re choosing purely on LS/DS, I’d go with LS Warrior and DS Inquisitor. But even then, there’s a couple of places where the opposite choice feels right. I had 2 DS choices on my LS Warrior.

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  5. Serelyen says:

    I found that as a LS inquisitor the story feels really forced at times while the LS warrior actually makes sense if you play him/her as a honorable fighter and patriot.
    As DS, both are fine though the warrior felt too much of a brute for me without the needed finesse to rise really high in the Empire.

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