Cumulative-effort events in MMORPGs

Some time ago a new server type was mentioned by an EQ2 Producer’s Letter, an ‘Event’ server. Details are scarce still, but there’s more about the EQ1 Event server called Quarm – I imagine it’ll be a similar deal. On Quarm you start with a character at a set starting level (51) and have a specific world event to work towards; once the event is complete the server is reset to a new world event but it seems you’ll get to keep account-level titles or other rewards for your characters on normal servers.

I’ve no experience of this type of  server setup, but I have played world events before and rather enjoyed them. Back in 2013 (that long already!?), before the launch of the Helm’s Deep expansion, LOTRO had the Bounder’s Bounty event running on all servers. This simple event involved players handing in tokens that dropped from normal monsters – a cumulative total for each server kept track of progress towards the construction of a new statue in the town of Michel Delving. Servers were ranked on how quickly they completed the total of 1,750,000 tokens and individually there were some new deeds attached for per character achievements and spare tokens could be handed in for useful items.

Work on a statue is ongoing.

A cumulative effort

Another similar world event that springs to mind was the Isle of Thunder in the Mists of Pandaria expansion for WoW. There the War Effort, seen from either an Alliance or Horde perspective, opened up the island gradually as players cumulatively contributed towards unlocking each of six stages to the isle’s content. It was a pretty nice mix of daily quests and spaced content.


I enjoyed the shared progression of this type of system, something that all players could contribute to without necessarily needing the best gear or specific raid progression.

So I’ll probably give the EQ2 Event server a look when it launches, at least if there’s something for non-raiders to do in whatever event they chose to start with. From the scant details that I’ve seen, I’m not sure if this take on world events will just be of the “1st to beat the raid” type or whether there’ll be some cumulative/cooperative element as well?

Update: with typical timing, hours after posting this I read news of the Dark vs Light event in SWTOR coming on June 28th. Although most of the rewards seem to be personal down to how far you level a new character with either Dark or Light side aligned choices, the overall totals for participants in the event will somehow be totalled to give a game-wide Dark vs Light element to this event.

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