SWTOR: do you swap companions for dialogues?

I was playing SWTOR last night with my husband and I was in a bit of a dilemma over which companion to have out. Our Jedi pair (my Knight and his Consular) are now bravely fighting for the Republic on the planet Voss. Quick spoiler warning: I’ll mention a later companion and some vague class story stuff below so stop reading if you haven’t played a Jedi Knight yet, but intend to do so!


While playing through my class missions thus far (just done the Shrine of Healing area), I was contemplating whether I’d be better to have Lord Scourge out instead of my usual choice of Teeseven. Since we’re dealing on the planet with certain Sith opponents, I do wonder whether I’ll miss out on some random comments from Scourge if I stick to my usual droid.


I had Lord Scourge out for most of Belsavis, our previous planet, and he made quite a few remarks both when entering areas and during cut-scene conversations. I could probably imagine situations where other companions might also say something interesting but the storyline here is so tied up with Sith-stuff that he seems the obvious companion to have out. But when I use him I miss Teeseven’s bright optimism so I usually give in and re-summon the little droid.

Dreamscape droid

Dreamscape droid

Do you stick to favoured companions or do you mix and match according to the zone or conversation at hand?

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4 Responses to SWTOR: do you swap companions for dialogues?

  1. Clay says:

    I have favored ones. For my Warrior, its VETTE! For my Consular, Nadia. When I was playing my smuggler…I disliked them all bleh lol

  2. I just switched last night. My Sith was going for Broonie to build up his kill score on Belsavis but Jaesa and Vette are favs. Got to a part I felt Jaesa was right for…met a Jedi behind a door…and when I went back sure enough, he addressed Jaesa. Doubt he’d have had a reason to chat with Broonie.

  3. I mostly stick to whichever character I like best, but sometimes I’ll swap them out based on what situations I’m in. When playing my warrior recently, I swapped out Vette for Jaesa while playing on Voss. All the Force mysticism seemed like a better fit for her than Vette.

  4. Shintar says:

    I mostly stick to the same companion, trying to find one that my character gets along with so lots of influence is gained from the conversations. 😉 But if I make an alt of the same class, I then try to use a different companion – one more way to give alt playthroughs a different flavour.

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