TSW: filling in the gaps

We’ve started systematically working through the Missions section of the log to fill in the missions that, for whatever reason, we haven’t yet completed (Edit: seems I’m not the only blogger doing this). It’ll be nice to say we’ve done all of the zones properly, we may or may not give lore collection some focus too.

It’s surprisingly easy to miss content in TSW, despite the map having mission-giver NPCs marked. I guess the reason is that if you give the main story missions (pale blue) too much emphasis then you will naturally be led through the zones at quite a pace and will miss the more remotely placed NPCs. I suspect it was more a problem for us early on, I think in the later zones we were much more thorough at exploring.

Never did Priest Island before

Never did Priest Island before

We ran around Kingsmouth Town last night doing various missions and polishing off the first dungeon. We’d almost completed it once before, way back near the start of our journey in TSW – so it was nice to have that dungeon mission completed.


The relatively flat difficulty curve in the game has one consequence – even the lowliest of creatures will attack you as you pass through zones. For our characters, equipped in QL10-10.1 gear they die in one or at most two hits. So they are a nuisance more than a challenge. In the dungeon the creatures took a number of hits to kill but didn’t post much more of a challenge, beyond certain boss fight mechanics (electrified floor is still dangerous).

I still suck at Sabotage missions even in epic gear

I still suck at Sabotage missions even in epic gear

This is reflected in the various types of missions the game offers. Action missions are generally going to be super-easy now as they usually involve lots of fighting and the  monsters will not put up much of a fight especially if our trio coordinates damage. Sabotage missions retain much  of their difficulty since they tend to be about platformer skills (jumping, dodging, precise movements) – traps that were deadly at the start remain deadly today regardless of our gear. We did make a deliberate effort to complete all the puzzle missions as we played through the game so sadly there’s unlikely to be any untouched ones waiting for us – a shame since they too are gear independent.

It’s fun to revisit old zones regardless of challenge level and it’ll take us some time to fill in the gaps that we have in our log, but I am hoping we’ll see a new zone in the game at some point in the future.

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  1. Sylow says:

    Nice to hear you’re back and having fun.

    On gear levels: yes, it’s true that they make a difference, but I always like to point at something else: your skill setup. I found that doing the Kingsmouth in a new character, with beginner gear, already before the rework was far easier for me than when I was there the first time. The difference was not the equipment at hand. (Actually my first character was better geared, as I visited the dungeons with that one, while not caring for dungeons on my twink. ) What really made the difference was, that I on my twink already had good understanding on which abilities to combine, while on my first character I was still experimenting and figuring things out.

    I suspect this might also be a good part of your experience now. Indeed your better gear gives you an edge, but a massive part of why things are so easy now is because your setups are more sophisticated and refined by now.

    On missing investigation missions: I also fully agree there. I wish there were more of them, but I also understand why you quickly run out of those. Action and infiltration missions are perfectly repeatable, but most investigation missions are pointless once you completed them. (Once you solved a puzzle, it can’t be unsolved to challenge you again. )

    That being said, the last issue 15 includes a great new investigation mission. (If you previously bought the side missions, it’s the only actually new mission in issue 15. ) Unfortunately like for any investigation mission, once you did it there’s no challenge and thus no point in repeating it, but it’s really fun to play. Be sure to know your google-fu or your old fairy tales and literature. 🙂

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