SWTOR: artistic style

Something I’ve noticed in SWTOR is how many planets depict the grime and decay of a galaxy that has been at war, on and off, for a very long time. It was mentioned in a Massively OP article a couple of days ago and that reminded me of this stylistic aspect to the game. The article mentions that Star Wars has a “lived in” feel to it, scuff and dirt marks etc. I wonder whether the art style goes beyond “lived in” to be more a portrayal of a galaxy that is in terminal decline…


It’s not just the dirt you might see on walls, floors or objects. It’s also the state of decay a lot of settlements are in – outside the slightly polished and gleaming capital cities, life seems pretty tough in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Buildings may be damaged, boundary walls partially collapsed. Nature is also reasserting itself in many places – vegetation¬† invades the settlements or on Hoth the penetrating cold and ice is encroaching on the bases.


Even in the city-worlds there are areas that are degenerated or in decline. As for locations like the moon Nar Shaddaa, well, the whole place is garish yet grimy in nature and character!


Whether it is caused by war, neglect or a lack of resources; this decay of civilisation certainly seems to be a visual theme to this game.

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