Wildstar: Space Chase and Steam

A second event is about to start in Wildstar, the Space Chase is on from the 10th to the 20th June, sandwiched in the middle of the longer Starfall festival. It just so happens that this second event starts during week two of Starfall, the weekly task this week is to do 5 expeditions. The currency for the Space Chase also drops in expeditions – so a nice bit of overlap there to get credit for both events.


I was planning to get my 5 expeditions done for Starfall over the weekend so I’ll hopefully have a peek at the vendors and other details of Space Chase at the same time!

I’ll also be very interested to see what the starter zones are like after the launch on Steam, always nice to see an influx of new players in a game. Personally I’m not that fussed on Steam’s game-related extras like the trading cards or achievements. Re-downloading the game through Steam would take a while (it’s ~19GB); is there a concrete reason for doing so if you’re already playing?

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