SWTOR: Chapter 14 – Mandalore the Avenger

I played the latest monthly chapter to the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion yesterday, Chapter 14 – Mandalore the Avenger. It’s not much of a spoiler to state this is a Mandalorian focused episode with the hero working with an army of Mandalorians to further the war against Arcann and the Eternal Empire.


This update takes our characters to the planet of Darvannis – once a Hutt stronghold. Apparently this isn’t a new planet to SWTOR, it’s mentioned in the description of the Operation (i.e. raid) Legions of Scum & Villany. Since I’ve never raided in the game and wasn’t playing at the time of its release back in 2013 I’d not heard of the planet before.

Dusty Darvannis

Dusty Darvannis

I enjoyed the presentation of this planet and the Mandalorians. They’re familiar enough as foes in the game whether out in heroic zones (e.g. on Dromund Kaas) or in instances (e.g. Mandalorian Raiders). My appreciation of them goes back a bit further since they featured in the KOTOR games and Boba Fett was one of my favourite characters from the original film trilogy. The chapter is pretty combat intensive; suitably so I suppose given that we’re teamed up with some of the greatest warriors in the galaxy (so they would claim).

The main open zone for the planet was pretty busy with other players while I was running this chapter. I automatically adopted my standard approach for this Jedi Shadow character – stealth past as many standard opponents/groups as possible. It’s just how I’ve always played him. Several segments had me advancing along narrow alleys full of such opponents so I stealthed past the groups between me and various objectives passing every so often another player that was fighting a group ahead of me.


Stealth gets you around pretty quickly

After doing this for a while I found myself wondering what the other players would think of this? Do they care that a stealthed character is racing past them without helping? World of Warcraft’s next expansion will bring changes to tapping in the open world to (hopefully) encourage players to cooperate more often. I do wonder whether SWTOR could benefit from a similar system change…


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  1. Shintar says:

    I don’t think anyone begrudges stealthers to ability to walk past things. It would only be annoying if they then popped out in front of you and “stole” a named mob or quest objective that you were working your way towards, but there aren’t that many of those around these days anymore, with most clickies being shared and many named mobs being spawned by each individual for themselves.

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