SWTOR – companion contract needed

Having played my Jedi Knight character recently I’m starting to think our characters in The Old Republic need some form of companion contractual agreement to protect their interests or even sanity. I picked up the Doc companion back on Balmorra and even in the few missions I had to use him for I found him to be at the proverbial “nails on blackboard” level of annoying. Some minor companion spoilers follow in the screenshots so stop reading if you’ve not played a Jedi Knight in this game yet…


Seriously, how did a Jedi Knight accept to have this womanising, egotistical guy on board his starship?


Running through the backlog of companion conversations with him on my ship I was struck by the idea that we should be able to have a proper companion contract. If a  companion is annoying as heck, a dirty backstabbing betrayer, or just plain useless in a tight situation then we should be able to terminate their employment. At the very least I should have the option to not renew a contract after the trial period is up, seriously, this guy does not understand the basics of travelling the galaxy with a Jedi…

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3 Responses to SWTOR – companion contract needed

  1. Shintar says:

    Aww… pre-4.0, getting Doc was always a happy moment because it meant that you finally had a healing companion! Personally I also found him quite amusing and my Guardian even romanced him.

  2. Yeah, they really need to let you fire companions. I’m sure Kaliyo and Scorpio are plotting my demise, Zenith is a sociopath, and Tharan comes across as the sort of guy who’s probably installing hidden cameras in the ship’s showers…

    • Telwyn says:

      @Shintar Yeah, thankfully this character has never solo’ed even before 4.0 I played him with his “pet healer” so the lack of healer companion wasn’t an issue.
      @Tyler Kaliyo is just a liability, Zenith and Tharan are both awkward companions in there own way although Zenith at least becomes less of a handful as the plot progresses. Lol at your Tharan comment – yeah, he’s on the creepier-side of sleeze-bag even if I find him an interesting character.

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