Wildstar: addons and the default quest UI

So far I’ve only played Wildstar with the default User Interface (UI) as supplied by Carbine. That said I’ve never been that 100% happy with the quest log/tracker interface. There’s a clutter or visual overload issue with the design that still can make me lose track on what I’m doing in longer session.

The default UI: quest bubbles

The default UI: quest bubbles

So I was inspired to actually have a look what addons may be available to improve my experience via Curse’s Wildstar addons page. There’s a search menu on the left hand side that includes “Quests and Leveling” as a category. Looking through a few of the more up-to-date addons, I’ve decided to give ProtoQuests a try – it is both recently updated and seems to address some of the issues I have with the default quest delivery/completion mechanism.



First impressions are that it does address the one main issue I have with the default system. I’ve always found the responsiveness of the ‘bubble’ dialogues with NPCs to be somewhat laggy and given the lack of indication whether more will follow, you can accidentally click through an intermediate bubble and miss part of the conversation. The ProtoQuests addon replaces the “series of bubbles” default presentation with a single window that organises quest delivery, information and completion on one screen.

I’ll need to test how responsive it is out in the field, especially when playing in a group, but it seems an improvement. The other issue I still need to address if possible is the chaotic numbering of quests on the main map.  When duo’ing with my husband we rarely seem to have the same numbers for any given quest which can be confusing to say the least!

These issues are not limited just to Wildstar. I remember Neverwinter having the “map numbers out of sync” problem as well. Also my earliest MMORPG experiences included addons to solve UI issues – the early World of Warcraft UI was pretty basic and quest tracking was usually enhanced by an addon. More recently I’ve discovered just how much different the EQ2MAP addon made to questing over the rather uninformative default map in that game. It’s strange – I’ve never been an add-on avoider, though I’ve played with several over the years, but I’ve rarely been quick to adopt addons in a newer MMO. I guess it takes a certain level of frustration or an external requirement (“you must have DBM To raid!”) before I go looking for them…

If you have any other Wildstar addon recommendations, please pop them in the comments!

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2 Responses to Wildstar: addons and the default quest UI

  1. Kaozz says:

    Two other handy ones are Tap That, which interacts with Simon games and and interactive objects in the world. So handy! And Perspective, which can add a lot of clutter, but once you tweak the settings it’s so handy to have. Makes looking for things a breeze. My personal two faves.

  2. Telwyn says:

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll give them a look too!

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