Sci-Fi mood

I’ve been in a Sci-Fi mood for a week or two now. My World of Warcraft account is tokenless, I’ve stopped playing Black Desert Online and am not missing Path of Exile at all since we finished. It’s all about spaceships, lasers and high-tech futures in my imagination. There’s a reasons for this as I’ve been spending free time re-reading rules and writing an adventure for the Alternity/Star*Drive RPG game that I’m running this weekend with friends.

So last week I was contemplating playing more Wildstar again and the three of us have been discussing other games we might play – I’d  be rather tempted to add Elite Dangerous to that particular list. I’m heading for a Sci-Fi MMO binge this summer if this mood persists; SWTOR and STO are prime candidates as I have a good amount of time invested in them already and a recent play session or two in both games left me wanting more.

This phase and this mood will almost inevitably evaporate on 31st August when Legion launches and I join, once more, the stampeding masses rushing through new lands in the World of Warcraft.

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  1. melbrankin says:

    After playing through baldurs gate 1 and now most of the way thru number 2 I had the hankering for some d&d style games – had to settle for pathfinder tabletop which is fine with me. I did like stardrive when I ran it years ago – I remember the AI system being broken but asides from that it was a good sci fi

    I do love the traveler system myself – for me its the go-to scifi rpg for my tabletop group. I even liked the old computer rpg based on it.

    Sadly the box price of Legion and the flat expansion of WoD has left me outside for a bit on this next expansion rush – I might pick it up later on at xmas but as my main is 45th level now (thanks to server move) Im not in any rush to be leaping into the next expac.

    • Telwyn says:

      You might want to keep an eye on Amazon prices for Legion, we bought early at quite a discount although it’s gone up since. Perhaps it’ll dip again when the pre-orders start drying up…
      I’ve never tried Traveler actually, though I’ve read good things about it.

      • melbrankin says:

        Unfortunately the cost of shipping to NZ nearly doubles the base price they sell things for so its not really usable. They also region block us from digital downloads – lovely eh!

      • Telwyn says:

        Meh, that’s a real shame :-/

      • melbrankin says:

        yeah its based on our trade agreements etc – a game costs 20 to buy and 20 to ship – so i wait for steam or other places instead.

        Im ok being behind the curve tho, I think bliz has a lot of work to recapture peoples trust in their expacs being worth it hehe

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