SWTOR: screenshot moments

I was playing Star Wars the Old Republic with my husband a couple of nights ago and I was struck by the cinematic or visually striking framing of many of the cut-scenes and dialogue backdrops.


The normal levelling game is very impressive still even on my third Republic-side play-through. My droid obsession means I’ve not really given my other Jedi Knight companions much of a chance to shine though.


Tee-Seven has my back

Even if playable races remain fairly limited there is such a wonderful variety of weird and wacky alien NPCs that you meet – it’s one of the reasons why I love the Star Wars universe.

Ortolans are pretty adorable

Ortolans are pretty adorable

The tech of Star Wars is also cool, not just lightsabers but also holograms – I like to holo-call into mission briefings or dialogues on occasion just because I can…



They did add a new feature at some point that we’ve only just discovered – there’s now a group option to teleport other players into your instance; a really nice feature to lessen the time and travel burden on group questing imposed by class missions.


I’m still enjoying plenty of hours of good gaming in this MMORPG!


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