Branching out from MMORPGs

This year I’ve started to venture out of the MMORPG genre for some of my gaming sessions. MMORPGs remain my favourite style of game by a long way, but I’ve tried a few games in other genres. It’s not the first time I’ve tried something different, we played a good deal of Shadowrun Chronicles last year, but this year we’ve been looking at having at least one cooperative non-MMORPG game to try out for variety’s sake.

Action RPGs: Path of Exile

We played through the campaign in Path of Exile on normal mode in full, finishing just a couple of weeks ago. The game was fun to play as a quick “jump in” game. The story was pretty dark but interesting and more original than Diablo 3’s story in my opinion.



Having finished the first playthrough we’re done for now on the genre. None of us are that loot-motivated and frantically clicking our way through maps of endless monsters doesn’t thrill us enough to warrant a replay of the same story on a harder difficulty level.

Zombie-survival: Dead Island

This is well out of my normal areas of interest but it was a cheap first-person shooter style game that was available on steam to play coop with a friend. The game is brutal, gory to the extreme and the zombie enemies are unrelenting in their numbers. The story is ok, it’s hardly The Secret World, but at least the characters are varied and interesting enough to warrant further investigation of the game world.

Zombies at the gate

Zombies at the gate

The game’s systems and loot are a bit inconsistent – guns are super-rare at first and melee weapons break very quickly but then moving into the second chapter we’re finding more guns than we can even carry.

4X turn-based strategy: Stellaris?

I used to play a lot of Civilisation-style “build and conquer” strategy games. I particularly enjoyed the interstellar space ones such as Ascendancy or Galactic Civilisations II. So seeing posts on blogs about Stellaris has tempted me into giving the genre a go once more. The game is brand new so I’m going to wait for some more reviews or a Steam sale discount before buying it.

Team shooter: Overwatch

Overwatch is the new hotness on the blogosphere and WoW guildmates are chatting the game up. Sadly my PVP shooter days were short-lived and were twenty odd years ago. I have zero interest in PVP thesedays, no matter how slick this game might be. I was listening to the Aggrochat podcast‘s discussion on this game and I concur with those lamenting the lack of PVE campaign for the game. If Blizzard could build on the current game to add a Destiny-style PVE mission system then Overwatch could be a real contender for something different to occasionally play instead of MMORPGs but as it stands I’ll pass.

What non-MMORPG games are you most interested in at the moment?

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5 Responses to Branching out from MMORPGs

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    When I am not playing Black Desert I am playing Stellaris – a much better than I expected 4X game with very high production values.

  2. I think variety is important. I love MMOs, but I also like to branch out to other genres.

    Of course, I still play Heroes of the Storm a fair bit, though not quite as much as I used to.

    Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of StarCraft II’s co-op missions. Really wish I had a friend to play those with, but evening just playing with PUGs, they’re still a lot of fun. There aren’t as many maps as I’d like, but the semi-randomized nature of each mission and the variety of playstyles offered by the different commanders keeps things fresh. Vorazun is still my main, but I’ve also been playing Artanis and Zagara and a lot more. Overall they’re probably the best non-campaign RTS content I’ve ever encountered.

    Still play Diablo III once in a while. Recently got my Liv Moore pet, which makes my heart smile.

    Agree with your thoughts on Overwatch. Would love a single-player campaign or some decent co-op for that game, but I just can’t hack it in PvP, so I don’t see a point to buying it.

    Probably going to pick up some new games on the Steam summer sale, which shouldn’t be too far off now. Definitely want to grab Oxenfree. Saw a friend of mine stream it a few months ago, and even having seen the entire game played through, I was impressed enough to want to play it for myself. Another minimalistic, story-driven game.

  3. bhagpuss says:

    I don’t really play much other than MMOs. It did look briefly as if having a good-sized tablet PC might lead to me playing something other than an MMO but I discovered that if I’m not at my desk I’d much rather read a book, web-browse or watch YouTube than play any game. And then I started playing Celtic Heroes again, this time on a screen large enough to enjoy it, and presto I have a really solid mobile MMO and it turns out I do like playing games on my tablet after all…provided they are MMOs.

    I still have Broken Sword V to play through. I got that for Christmas 2014. It has to be played through Steam, which is incredibly irritating. My Steam account tells me i have played it for less than 30 minutes. Pretty sure if it didn’t require Steam I’d have finished it by now.

    Oh, and I am playing Ninelives, whose development team is absolutely adamant that it is not and never will be an MMO. It is though. It’s a solo MMO.

  4. pkudude99 says:

    I haven’t gotten into Stellaris yet, but lately I’ve been playing more Endless Legend and as I’m getting more comfortable with it I’m finding I’m really enjoying it. Each faction is so different from the others that any faction change really is a whole new game.

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