Narrative drive to MMORPG gaming

I often find myself drawn back to games with a strong narrative – an overarching story that provides impetus to my character’s actions and the promise of as yet untold adventures to come. Take SWTOR for instance, I have a Jedi Knight, Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter whose class stories I have started but not yet finished so that nagging feeling is always there – stories that I haven’t resolved.


My gaming trio has returned it seems to The Secret World at least until we again run out of new content; after finally making the breakthrough on the main plot in Tokyo I’m now feeling free to dig into the corners of that dark and twisted world to see what other stories are left untold.

Untold stories

Untold stories

Conversely I’m not finding any enthusiasm for Black Desert Online at the moment. The game has many good ideas and gameplay systems but the story itself hasn’t grabbed me. The many, many NPCs in towns and villages certainly have stories to tell but then much is hidden behind the Amity social game, which kind of feels like an artificial barrier more than something I’d actively enjoy doing. It’s a ‘gamification’ of quest-giving.


There’s also the epic quest series in Lord of the Rings Online for me to play through. I was stuck on a particular step of the Dol Amroth segment until recently but having levelled to 100 now, and equipped some crafted gear, I was able to scrape through just. So I have a lot more content to enjoy now as I delve further east into Gondor.


The only problem really with all this is finding the time to actually play everything I’m interested in!

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