TSW: Issue 15 live

We logged on last night to play a game of some The Secret World and found that we had Issue 15 available for zero cost in the store. It’s free if you’ve ever bought any “side stories” packs – we’d bought the Ricky Pagan one so that qualified us for the free Issue.

Thankfully for us, relative latecomers to the game, the side stories packs didn’t appeal much so we haven’t done most of these repackaged missions. Hooray for new (to us) content!

We played through the first of the missions highlighted in the map you receive for unlocking the Issue (The Animate Clay). I’ll briefly talk about it because it appears there’s a problem with this mission nowadays; mild spoilers will follow so stop now if you want to avoid them!

Starting this and any of the other missions is easy since the map item tells you which zone to go to and where the mission NPC is exactly. The Animate Clay is a trail of clues across several zones, similar to some other Investigation missions. Early on in this search for clues you find the business card and hand-written letter below.


Clues in The Secret World are sometimes literal ties to the real world – website addresses, for instance, are often real (fake) websites that you visit and browse for further clues. We debated for a while whether the game would actually expect people to ring a UK phone number (+44 2032395962 is a London number) for this business. In the end we tried it and the number is out of service, but some web sleuthing found this Youtube video:

This handy video gives you a vital clue that you’ll need to progress to the next stage. That’s enough spoilers for one post, but this missing clue was worth pointing out.

I presume when the game launched the number did work? If not it seems a bit obscure to expect people to search Youtube for a recording. It looks more like a ‘playthrough’ video than a Funcom created clue. We did also wonder if the game in North America had a US phone number displayed instead, although story-wise that wouldn’t make sense. It seems a bit of a stretch for people to be making international phone calls to get a voicemail message for a computer game?

After completing the first mission we followed the map to the next Issue 15 mission and found an NPC we’d never seen before; she had four missions in total we didn’t know we’d missed! So this free pack of missions has already opened up some further content for us to do as well.


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  1. Sylow says:

    Oh… the number does not work any more? Too bad. I know that when the thing came out, we had an English cabal mate call there. The number existed and our cabal mate got what you also see in the guide.

    Too bad that the number is gone now, although I don’t think that too many people were calling there. (For most of us it’s still an international call, making Google the much cheaper alternative. )

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