WoW: levelling paths

I’ve been busy levelling a couple of characters through the Warlords of Draenor expansion since coming back to the game. Playing new characters through the initial zone (an instanced version of Tanaan) and the first proper open world zone of Shadowmoon valley has already gotten old if I’m honest – by the fourth playthrough I’m feeling like I know the quests backwards.


Shadowmoon is well designed, but like Hellfire in TBC, it gets annoying to do it every time

Two characters are in the mid-90s now, I’m levelling my insta-90 Hunter as a duo with my husband’s rogue. Unlike the early zones I’m now into zones that I haven’t played or at least not completely. It’s been a while since I took my Shaman main through Draenor for that first push to 100 so the specifics of what I did aren’t so clear anymore; but I do not remember that much of Talador and didn’t touch Spires of Arak on that character.


Playing completely new content shows me just how much I enjoy playing World of Warcraft when I do not know the content off by heart. I’m really loving the Spires of Arak zone for its storylines and the main proponents – the Arakkoa bird-people. I found them intriguing back in the Burning Crusade era so I was happy to see them brought back!


I’ve commented before on the speed of levelling in Draenor and earlier expansions. Perhaps one justification or at least side-effect of this speedy levelling in modern World of Warcraft is that we have the choice to vary our levelling paths for different characters. Choosing which zones to skip on alts gives some variation to the levelling process.

That’s actually quite a big benefit in my mind, MMORPGs that force you to take every character through every zone in the same order would actively discourage me from playing alt characters and thus lower my long-term engagement. The planned auto-scaling of characters within the Legion expansion zones will allow players to select which zones to do in almost any order. I wonder if, once again, you’ll be able to level from 100-110 without doing every zone? That would be my preference for sure.

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