LOTRO: self-reliance and gearing-up

I’m still playing a good session of LOTRO a few times a week; balancing the leveling of my main towards the new 105 level cap with crafting progress. LOTRO has always been a game where I have way more characters than hours to play them. The synergies of the crafting system is something I find very appealing though so I can’t always focus on just one character at the expense of everything else.

Part of the reason for this is probably the desire for self-reliance, the last two longish stints I’ve had in the game have been mostly solo affairs – my old kin (a k a guild) has withered to almost non-existence but I haven’t found a suitable replacement kin yet. Even if I were to be in a different kin I’d still be very motivated by the desire to ensure my characters have a good stock of consumables and decent gear upgrades crafted myself.


WTB Champion’s one-handed sword

The biggest aim really is to get my Warden’s reputation with the Weaponsmith’s Guild up to Westemnet standing so I can craft either a level 95 or even level 100 legendary weapon for my Champion. It’s my best bet of having a good replacement weapon for this character as none of my characters are that rich by the inflated standards of this elder game. If the mats aren’t too painful to farm in future I could also probably redress this issue by crafting more weapons to sell on the auction house. My Warden is sitting at about 40% through the Eastemnet tier, so he’s closing in on this goal now.


As for my main he’s also just shy of level 100 but I have a lot of the Gondor legendary story quests still to do. Without delving into spoilers, my first couple of attempts at the end quest for Book 1 were dismal failures and I suspect that my gear was the main problem. So it’s time to get my crafting game on and get my character prepared for the challenges ahead!

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6 Responses to LOTRO: self-reliance and gearing-up

  1. Shintar says:

    As someone who’s never played LOTRO, I have to say that Westemnet and Eastemnet are definitely the weirdest reputation ranks I’ve ever heard!

    • Pasduil says:

      Westemnet and Eastemnet were parts of Rohan. I imagine an “Emnet” is some kind of Anglo-Saxon derived word that we’re never going to run into outside of Tolkien and suchlike.

  2. Clay says:

    I am still trying to figure out what profession combo for my little Captain. I am a historian right now, but I realize that if I want to make weapons at all I am gonna have an issue, given that I have no way to get metal cept for purchasing it.

    • Telwyn says:

      I have found having an explorer at higher levels really helps for my alts to develop their professions. That wasn’t an informed choice back when I started, it just sounded an easy intro vocation. The historian is a materials-heavy profession to level for sure.

      • Pasduil says:

        Explorer was certainly a good place to start. You can sell the mats to buy other things you need, or feed them to lower-level alts to do the actual crafting. I got lucky with my newbie choice as well.

  3. I have the same thing going on with my characters. The kin I was in was very inactive and I like being able to hop onto alts and create all the gear I need for other toons. Usually though I just end up with piles of mats everywhere and have to spend ages crafting :’)

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