TSW: Issue 15 – The Sleuth’s Gallery

I was rather surprise to read over at Massively that Issue 15 for The Secret World is due in a few weeks, so soon after the launch of Issue 14. The title is rather intriguing, The Sleuth’s Gallery. My husband and I are Agatha Christie fans so the cover art for this (at the bottom of the linked article above), at the very least, has got our attention!

We’ve still not had any time to play TSW since my last post; hopefully next week we’ll get around to grabbing Issue 14 and giving that a play through. Sadly there’ll be no time this weekend as real life plans are going to limit my gaming time. I’ve been prioritising other games of late but I will say this sudden burst of content from Funcom is very, very welcome. Here’s hoping we get to see a steadier stream of new Issues in future to keep this very unique and enjoyable game buzzing with players!

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2 Responses to TSW: Issue 15 – The Sleuth’s Gallery

  1. ironweakness says:

    15 is a repackaging of the side stories, which is why they were able to put it out so quickly. Since the side stories didn’t go over as well, Funcom thought it might have been because of the unconventional way they were released, thus Issue 15 puts them out there in a more familiar form. The nice thing is that if you’ve already purchased any of the side stories, you’ll get issue 15 free, which I think has a few new tidbits from what they described.

  2. Sylow says:

    Aye. From what I read, for me it means that i’ll get one new investigation mission for free. Which also is good news, I love investigation missions. The part which is unclear is what they said about reimbursement. The way I understand the statement, I guess i’ll also get the collectors edition for free as I bought all side stories already, but i might also interpret that terribly wrong. Time will tell. 🙂

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