BDO: Black Stone riches

Playing Black Desert Online over the last few days I’ve collected several daily login reward coins, Maehwa Seals. They can be combined by laying them out in your inventory in certain patterns (Secret World crafting, anyone?) to obtain rewards.

Combining three seals in a 'V' shape

Combining three seals in a ‘V’ shape

I’d already missed a few days of not logging on and certainly won’t be logging in everyday the event lasts for (until 4th May according to login page). I’ve collected four in total and combined the first three to get the lowest tier reward. I received two orange items: Black Stone (Armor). I hadn’t read much about the event or the rewards and on a whim I decided to try selling a stone. Much to my surprise the value on these are pretty high, at least from the perspective of a latecomer.



I quickly sold the second stone I had as the price seemed to be on a downward trend. Making several hundred thousand silver on free items handed out for logging in seems a bit strange so early in the game. It means I can pour some money into learning to craft – I’d started on cooking but was worried that my previously paltry finances would soon run out if I took up any type of crafting in earnest.

Perhaps I have recklessly sold “end-game” style items that are meant more as a gear-catchup mechanism than to allow new players to catchup financially; but from my perspective, as someone not interested in anything the game currently offers at end-game, I’m happy to have a suddenly solid base for crafting and trading in-game.

On an unrelated note I also was inspecting some items in my inventory and realised I can barter certain items in larger quantities for a chunk of silver. These [Exchange] hand-ins are hidden as far as I can tell – you do not see any indicator above the NPC buyer’s head but the item does mention in text which settlement you should take it to and the item has also has a right-click option to give you a map marker to the buyer.


All-in-all my character is feeling rather flush all of a sudden. The question is, what should I be spending all this money on?

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