WoW: the group questing disconnect

As we’ve been playing WoW recently, mostly in the current expansion content, I find myself wondering whether the upcoming Legion expansion will make any difference in the current disconnect between group play and open world questing. I actually rarely play the game solo. Actually that’s nothing new, I always played WoW as a social game – the minimum party size was always two. That has continued all through Draenor I’ve quested with my husband, even occasionally with a friend as a three.

That’s the issue here though, questing doesn’t scale well at all in World of Warcraft, to be honest a good amount of it never did. Standard questing content quickly becomes very easy in the game and there just isn’t much open world content that can scale to a coordinated duo or trio of characters.

Duo questing

Duo questing

The obvious exceptions to this issue are Blizzard’s attempts at flirting with dynamic content. The two Islands released near the end of the Mists of Pandaria expansion (Thunder and Timeless) were really good small-group content, albeit not varied enough to last for more than a few months of gameplay. Tanaan, the zone added to the Draenor expansion in the last patch, also works very well as a ‘group zone’ with rare spawning boss monsters to hunt and plenty of areas where all of the groups contributions add towards a shared goal.

'Open tap' rare spawn

‘Open tap’ rare spawn

I wonder how much of this will feature in Legion? I expect the expansion will tempt at least some friends back into the game for a few months at least but how easy will it be to enjoy the game with them and how much of the levelling experience will be worth sharing?

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2 Responses to WoW: the group questing disconnect

  1. Meznir says:

    I think the answer will hopefully be: a bit better. Due to a couple of things they are adding in legion:

    1) Auto-scaling of the 4 levelling zones. A level 100 player will be able to play with a level 110 player and all the mobs will scale appropriately to them – the 100 will see a mob at say 102 and the 110 at 112 and they will both contribute similarly to the fight.

    2) As well as the level 110 zone (which I guess will be similar to Tanaan) there are World Quests at max level. Rares and quest objectives that are for both solo and groups. Take a read of this article for info:

    As for whether normal questing will be too easy still for group play – then the answer is probably still yes. Normal questing is mostly still designed to be soloable with the occasional group quest. Grouping speeds things up though and WoW seems to be one of the better games these days to sensibly award quest completion credit whilst grouped and sensibly animate NPC interactions for each group member.

  2. bhagpuss says:

    Well, when the first PR releases about Legion appeared my immediate thought was “Oh, so now they’re going to clone GW2”. That would certainly make proximity grouping the norm. Haven’t been following the beta so no idea how far they’ve actually moved in that direction.

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