BDO: back to questing

Having spent a couple of sessions in Black Desert Online on getting workers setup in and around Velia I needed to get back to questing to earn some new contribution points. The game’s questing encourages you to wander around more than the modern norm; I found myself without any obvious quests to do other than the main questline – I felt I was getting a bit too focused on this in my earliest sessions.

Only one quest, so now what?

Only one quest, so now what?

I remembered from an earlier post by Bhagpuss that it was easy to blink and miss the settlement of Olvia (the game’s starter zone). I rode my little donkey all the way back from Velia I was somewhat dissapointed to find no real quests to do, well I rescued a cat but couldn’t find anyone else who needed a wizard to help them. Of course some of the quests are probably locked by me not having enough Amity with the NPCs but I still haven’t really invested that much time in the system. It’s pretty time consuming to run between NPCs in a settlement working out who you can progress quickest to then start chipping away at the the others. That’s something I’ve done a bit of in Velia but nowhere else yet.

I'm gonna need a "Rescue Cat" spell at this rate!

I’m gonna need a “Rescue Cat” spell at this rate!

So I took a good look at the map at the various little settlements I hadn’t visited and picked one at random to go visit: Alejandro Farm. Suddenly I had four or five different tasks to do; all linked to the theme of a farm on the brink of disaster.


Coincidentally the sun was setting as I reached the village – the game warns you as night falls that creatures are enraged and thus more dangerous. Being the over-confident MMO-veteran that I am, I charged off into the fields of angry spirits and insects and promptly got myself killed by bees. Yep, “killed by [Tiny Bee] is possibly the most ignominious character death I can think of in many years of gaming. It was a wakeup call to slot the more powerful health potions from my bag onto the shortcut bar and to pay more attention to how closely creatures are placed – this game is really dark at night so it’s not so easy to see!


Right at the end of the session as time was running out I was given a quest to investigate something (I’m avoiding spoilers so not being too specific here). Sadly given limited time I ran around for a bit and then gave in to the temptation to look up the answer. Typically I just hadn’t stood and looked around enough to notice the necessary clue. Normally I love little puzzle-like details in quests; Everquest 2 is particularly good at this kind of thing. So I’ve promised myself to take more time in future if the game is going to ask me to investigate anything like this in future!

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3 Responses to BDO: back to questing

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    I have finally unlocked the intricacies of the trading system. I’ve gone from having no money and having to rely on handouts from the guild to being self-sufficient. So much fun!

  2. bhagpuss says:

    One unusual aspect of Black Desert seems to be the way quests open up behind you as you move on. As you do things in one area it seems to trigger quests in places you’ve left. I don’t really understand the mechanics although it may be related to the increases in your various skills. Whatever it is, I often find quests in places I’ve been before that I didn’t notice the first time around.

    One thing BD is not short of is quests!

    • zaphod6502 says:

      @bhagpuss: many of these NPC’s will offer dailies/repeatable quests once you have finished with them. Eg. the fishing quests are repeatable and give you bait etc. as a reward. I think the key with BDO is there is no one set way to play, level, skill up. Almost everything you do gives you some sort of reward.

      It’s a wonderful system and doesn’t lock you into a levelling/progression path.

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