Limited time sessions

The last few weeks have been really busy, so gaming in short sessions has been easier to fit in especially if I want to cram in all that I want to do in the different games that I play.

Having returned to World of Warcraft there are certainly things I can easily do in a short time – completing and initiating Garrison missions takes all of 10-15 minutes on the three characters I have above level 90.

Garrison maintenance

Garrison maintenance

Running the Tanaan daily quests was also something we were doing when I played the game last although it’s more beneficial to a lower geared character so my shaman main has less to gain from going there. I do need to get at least one or two more characters through the Draenor content so they’re at 100 for when Legion launches. If I want to pay for my gametime using tokens I’ll need alts with fully developed Garrisons to help bring in more gold without requiring more serious time investment.

Lord of the Rings Online seems to encourage shorter play sessions these days – the rested experience bonus is rather limited and used up very quickly while questing. I guess I’m well-trained for efficient levelling in any game these-days, playing with the “purple XP bar” (yellow in LOTRO) just seems instinctively wrong. I could play the game for longer by swapping to alts to use their 30% daily rested bonus too but at the moment I have other games to juggle.

Yellow alert! Not much blue rested left...

Yellow alert! Not much blue rested left…

My free time for gaming is about to increase once more so I’ll be able to see just how I adapt to having the time to engage more deeply with these games. It is fortuitous timing as I’m just getting started in Black Desert Online and I have a feeling I wouldn’t find it so easily to dip into a new game for such short sessions. It also doesn’t strike me as being a game that wants a lot of time commitment.

Which games and what activities do you play if time is limited?

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