WoW Token and Zangarmarsh

I’ve taken advantage of the WoW Token path to adding game time to my World of Warcraft account in order to play the game with visiting family. The system has some strict limitations on it to protect it from the predation of gold sellers, for example you cannot resell them. Also the Starter edition of the game, i.e. the limited access given to lapsed subscribers, also has some pretty strict restrictions – no trading between characters or using the mail system. This had left me in a quandary since I didn’t quite have enough gold at the extortionate EU Token pricing levels to buy one (80,000+ gold as of 9th April). Without any means in-game of my husband trading me the remainder it looked like I might have to subscribe for a month just to be able to then purchase a Token or two.


Thankfully I thought to search online for a way past this blockage – it turned out that simply sending a help request in-game from a low-level character was enough to get my account credited with a day of subscription time, all very easy. So now I have 30 days to play with. The priority for the weekend was playing with family though, the two relatives are serial altoholics – they’ve always ignored end-game in any given expansion in favour of leveling new alts. So it happened that we ended up questing in Zangarmarsh once more.


Despite the aging graphics it is a beautifully designed zone. It appears pretty monolithic at first but there are little patches of stark variety – dead areas, areas at the fringes where the land drops away suddenly, invasive species and so on.


Playing here is a reminder that the Burning Crusade content is lost in time – it wasn’t revamped as part of the great Cataclysm upheaval. That means there’s a rather patchy logic to the quest flow (including some egregious back and forth travelling), a lack of consistency in how group quest updates are applied for all members and there are a ton of “collect the parts” quests with pretty abysmal drop rates.


Regardless these nostalgia-rich sessions have been enjoyable and leveling characters through older content remains a nice change from the latest expansion. I think I will get some Horde leveling done for the rest of the 30 days Token-time; we’ve never leveled a Horde character through the Pandaria or Draenor story content so it would be nice to see that from the other perspective.

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