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TSW: Issue 15 – The Sleuth’s Gallery

I was rather surprise to read over at Massively that Issue 15 for The Secret World is due in a few weeks, so soon after the launch of Issue 14. The title is rather intriguing, The Sleuth’s Gallery. My husband … Continue reading

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BDO: Black Stone riches

Playing Black Desert Online over the last few days I’ve collected several daily login reward coins, Maehwa Seals. They can be combined by laying them out in your inventory in certain patterns (Secret World crafting, anyone?) to obtain rewards. I’d … Continue reading

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WoW: the group questing disconnect

As we’ve been playing WoW recently, mostly in the current expansion content, I find myself wondering whether the upcoming Legion expansion will make any difference in the current disconnect between group play and open world questing. I actually rarely play … Continue reading

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BDO: back to questing

Having spent a couple of sessions in Black Desert Online on getting workers setup in and around Velia I needed to get back to questing to earn some new contribution points. The game’s questing encourages you to wander around more … Continue reading

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Lockboxes and system messages

I was reading this Massively OP post about changes to the skill nodes in Neverwinter and the comments quickly turned to lootboxes and the spam messages the game insists on showing every time someone gets a lovely mount or item … Continue reading

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WoW: Legion launches 30 August 2016

So Blizzard have finally given the nod: the timetable for launch of the latest World of Warcraft expansion is now set for the 30th August 2016. It’s not a “the date I resub for” moment for me, or even a … Continue reading

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Black Desert Online: first impressions

I’ve played a couple of sessions of Black Desert Online now, probably about five hours total so this post is just a few first impressions. As is the norm for me, I’m rather behind the launch zerg but that will … Continue reading

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