While away I missed the launch of the latest chapter for SWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion – Chapter XI: Disavowed. I’d read while away that there were potential issues with this content via the Going Commando blog. Thankfully I was either lucky, or Bioware has had the time to patch in some fixes as my run-through went without any noticeable issues.


The pace and use of cut-scenes was good overall; the various mission tasks and dialogues really helped to give the chapter a Trooper class-story vibe. So far we’ve had an Imperial Agent themed chapter and now a Trooper one. Are each of the still-unreleased chapters going to fill in another class from the roster of eight? That would be interesting although probably rather forced from a story perspective and may involve some serious railroading to keep our characters involved.


In a more recent post Shintar asked if KOTFE is keeping us engaged. My initial comment on said post was negative, but that may have been in part because I’d not played the game (or any other) for some weeks. Coming back I did enjoy both a solo session playing chapter XI and then a group session on the Imperial levelling trio. So I can see myself wanting to play more chapters of KOTFE, but that doesn’t mean everything with KOTFE is perfect for me.

For whatever reasons I haven’t engaged with the repeatable end-game content in the Alliance system. I’ve always tended to stick to the one companion, when not forced to play with another, so “collecting them all” doesn’t appeal. Likewise a token grind to buy fancy armour doesn’t interest me that much – I’ve never been motivated by such gear-systems in any MMORPG. I do still have class stories to play through and that’s likely to remain more of a priority beyond playing each chapter of story when it is released.


I suppose it is likely I’ll settle into a similar subscription pattern as with World of Warcraft. You sub up for new content or a new expansion, play for X months and then unsub till the next time something is released. The advantage of SWTOR’s free to play model is that I can always keep playing alt class stories during the unsub periods instead of disengaging with the game entirely.

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2 Responses to SWTOR: KOTFE Chapter XI

  1. Shintar says:

    Yeah, they had a chance to patch in some bug fixes. đŸ™‚

    I can see how it wouldn’t be as much of a problem for someone who’s still levelling through the original class stories at a more casual pace. It just feels like the game actually discourages heavy investment at the moment, which is rather odd for an MMO.

    • Telwyn says:

      I guess the focus on story doesn’t help that feeling? Interestingly LOTRO is finally getting a new instance cluster this year after quite a gap – maybe Bioware will learn the same lesson Turbine has: that you really can’t neglect proper group content in an MMO in the long-term?

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