Back! EQ Next, Wildstar, Twitter

I’m back and keen to get on with some gaming! As per usual some big gaming news happened while I was on holiday.

The announcement of Everquest Next’s cancellation was sad to read about but not much of a surprise. I’m not that invested in the franchise compared to others in the blogosphere, the direction EQ Next was taking seemed like quite a gamble to me as it would have borne no real relation to the first two games from gameplay or artistic perspectives. The Ancient Gaming Noob has a good post (with links to others) on this sad news.

The discussion around Wildstar’s woes did have more of an emotional impact for me personally . The game is well worth playing, it had kind of fallen off my roster of late but I’ve ended up playing three very similar MMOs (LOTRO, SWTOR and Rift), so I could make some time for WS again. I posted earlier this year about virtual world’s I want to return to and I think Nexus deserves a place in that list.

There’s a whole load of blogging buzz about Black Desert Online at the moment but I’m still resisting jumping onto that game. I’m not ready to add another game to my roster just yet, maybe when I’ve levelled my Champ in LOTRO through Gondor to the current cap? I’m also waiting to see what happens to people’s enthusiasm when they hit higher levels and the soft level cap – does the game’s trading/PVE features have any longevity?

As a sidenote, I’ve created a Twitter profile for this blog: GamingSF (TelwynGSF is my handle). As a minimum it will auto Tweet every blog article that I post on here as an alternative way to follow the blog. Who knows I may gradually ease into Tweeting as well…

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