Rift: lending some support

Eliot had a discussion post on Massively OP yesterday on awesome MMORPG classes to play. I’ve been meaning to write-up just how much I’m loving playing a support mage in Rift at the moment.


My current build for support is Archon/Necromancer/Dominator. The Archon support soul is the mainstay giving a wide mix of damage abilities and short-duration buffs (‘auras’) plus some enemy debuff options. I added Necromancer for the pets and heavy hits via desecrate and Dominator as a third soul just for the transmogrify crowd control option.


At level 41 this character now has a good variety of single target and area damage spells but the bulk of the gameplay is in the support abilities. Keeping the buffs up is quite the juggling act. The soul also has potent cleanse/purge style abilities to help the healer in keeping poisons, curses and similar negative effects off the party. This means there are lots of little choices to be made while fighting – damage abilities that do something else as well as damaging your target(s) such as speeding up allies’ movement, debuffing enemy damage, buffing ally damage or stat boosts lasting a few seconds.


I also have a Chloromancer-based healing spec and an Arbiter-based tank spec for this character but since coming back to the game I’ve played support the most. The flexibility and lack of gear-dependence when trying out new builds is a real joy of Rift’s character system!

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