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Convenience features in MMORPGs

A recent news story over at Massively OP about Elder Scrolls Online caught my eye about two new summonable NPCs that will offer convenience to adventurers out in the field: one for bank access and the other as a vendor.  … Continue reading


Coming back is easy

I’ve been spending a good amount of time in Lord of the Rings Online of late and it’s so nice to be settled into a familiar game. I still have a huge amount to do on my various characters but … Continue reading

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Happy Easter and Path of Exile

Easter’s long weekend has given us a chunk of gameplay time to play with a friend. After some SWTOR and TSW however we quickly realised we were going to get a bit bored with playing the usual games so it … Continue reading

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LOTRO: crafting breaks

To have an occasional break in-game from levelling my main, I’ve also spent some of my more recent sessions deliberately on gathering and crafting. For now I’m focusing on progressing my Warden’s weaponsmithing (he’s a Historian). I even bought the … Continue reading

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While away I missed the launch of the latest chapter for SWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion – Chapter XI: Disavowed. I’d read while away that there were potential issues with this content via the Going Commando blog. Thankfully … Continue reading

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Back! EQ Next, Wildstar, Twitter

I’m back and keen to get on with some gaming! As per usual some big gaming news happened while I was on holiday. The announcement of Everquest Next’s cancellation was sad to read about but not much of a surprise. … Continue reading

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A quick note to inform my readers that I’ll be away-from-keyboard for the next two weeks with only sporadic Internet access. Unlike other holidays where I’ve scheduled posts for the time while I’m away, I’ve decided to take a proper … Continue reading

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