TSW: Filling in the gaps

Yesterday, after a longish session of SWTOR, we were at a loss what to do for a change of pace. Starting a new online game on a whim isn’t actually that practical as it takes a good hour (or more!) to download the many gigabytes of data for an install. So we decided to jump back into The Secret World after quite a long hiatus (last summer was my last post).

Finding something to do was fairly easy for us as we didn’t complete every mission in every zone, just looking at the achievement list for the various issues’ missions gives us a handy list of missions. It was getting late so we grabbed a nearby mission that starts in London; this immediately reminded us of one of the best aspects of this game – the vivid and imaginative characterisation of the NPCs.


This was a investigation/puzzle mission so I can’t post many screenshots without risking spoilers. We figured it out cooperatively without needing any hints – it is always a pleasure to crack a puzzle without cheating!



I foresee more sessions of “filling in the gaps” to come as it was a lot of fun. So long as we avoid Kaidan I might actually learn to love the game again; I really, really grew to dislike the Aegis system. Syp of Bio Break had a recent article on this and other additions to TSW’s combat. Regarding Aegis I agree whole-heartedly, the Kaidan content was good from a story perspective but I do not like the new mechanics. Going back to older content highlights just how much I prefer to play in the older zones.

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2 Responses to TSW: Filling in the gaps

  1. Athie says:

    I mean… It’s possible that Kaidan is good storywise — but it’s hard for a first-time player to tell in my opinion. It feels really empty and flavorless compared with past zones, although part of that could be the irritatingly high number of drearily repetitive mobs with color shields that are standing around everywhere. As someone who has played the game off and on since launch but who has avoided Tokyo, it’s really an experience. I have in the past had a game that I really liked develop expansion content that completely killed the whole thing for me (Rift, the Storm Legion expansion simply and irretrievably ruined my game experience). But I didn’t like Rift nearly as much as I have liked TSW — and it took a week or two (or more? it’s been a while) of play to realize that I couldn’t enjoy the expansion in Rift, while it’s taken literally a few hours in Tokyo to turn me off. Wish I hadn’t bought into the issue pack…

    • Telwyn says:

      I had a similar experience in both. Storm Legion killed my passion for Rift, although I’ve gone back after years and am quite enjoying it again. As for Tokyo I agree with your comment. The story is actually pretty good but the annoying mobs everywhere does make it a slog to play through.

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