SWTOR: Chapter X impressions (no spoilers)

I’ve finally had time to play through the first post-expansion of the Knights of the Fallen Empire story arc – Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise. This post is a few general thoughts and impressions, as always I’ll keep it as spoiler free as possible.

Heck of an opening cinematic!

Heck of an opening cinematic!

The cinematic qualities of this expansion continue to be used to very good effect. It’s a notch above most of the original game’s content I feel. This is visible in cut scenes in the set-piece background visuals but also in the subtler details – there’s a lot of effective use of character facial expressions and other emotes.

Swirling lightsaber goodness

Swirling lightsaber goodness

The balance of dialogue, travel and combat was good overall in this new chapter. It took me just over an hour to complete the new story on my main character. He’s a tank so paired with a healer companion he’s pretty unstoppable, if not the quickest to end fights.

I noticed a lot of the encounters deliberately ignore stealth in this chapter. I can’t say I remember that being as much an issue in previous chapters but maybe it’s certain mobs that can always see past stealth. In any case there were a few notably more challenging fights towards the end although I can’t be sure if that was by design or poor attempts at trying to stealth past ‘trash’.


The chapter added a new companion as has been widely reported in the marketing before the chapter’s launch. Indeed the marketing for the next issue, Chapter 11: Disavowed, also gives away the next companion for re-introduction. I wonder whether it would be better to try to keep such companions a surprise at least for some of the later chapters to add to the anticipation?

This companion isn’t one that resonates with me personally, I’ve barely played any of the relevant class storyline still and do not find this particular character that interesting. Still the storyline and the interaction between the alliance companion NPCs was good as always. I look forward to the next release in March!

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  1. Shintar says:

    You know, I also thought that they were probably spending too much time marketing these chapters (especially considering their actual length), but I was pleasantly surprised by how “fresh” this one felt regardless of what had been previewed. And as a trooper I’m really excited about what’s been shown of the next one!

  2. You don’t have to keep Kaliyo, do you? Please tell me there’s an option to reject her.

    I know I can just never use her or whatever, but I want the satisfaction of seeing her face when I kick her to the curb.

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