Rift: Call to Arms Homelands

Rift has a weekend long “Call to Arms” event this weekend centered around the two original starter zones – Freemarch and Silverwood.

Don't look up...

Don’t look up…

The four of us grouped up and ran bonus quests (the last two on my list) and a number of Rifts and Invasions. We also completed the zone daily quests for closing Rifts and slaying planar invaders. It was very, very enjoyable although perhaps a bit manic. The Nightmare Rifts,  a feature that was added during my absence from the game, were particularly interesting to play. They have so many stages! Playing this kind of event reminded me of why I enjoyed Rift so much at launch, the game has always excelled at shared quests and limited-event content.


The weekend event includes free Patron status (i.e. subscription) for anyone logging in; we didn’t even notice this during the session. I’ll have to checkout what the differences are, it was noticeable we were gaining experience rather fast although I assumed it was just the event.

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