Memorable moments (LOTRO, Rift & SWTOR)

Over the last week I’ve had a number of random but very memorable moments in the MMORPGs that I’m playing. It reminded me why I’m always so happy to be playing in these rich, and often rather detailed, virtual worlds.


Helm’s Deep!

I’m still way behind the current content in LOTRO but at least I’m making good progress again. Arriving at Helm’s Deep and the Hornburg fortress gave me quite a sense of accomplishment. It also means I’m closing in on trying my first Epic Battle; I’ve deliberately waited until I reach it in context in the storyline rather than queueing up for one when I unlocked the Rohan expansion.


The industrious Stonedeans region

In contrast to the epic-quality of Helm’s Deep, I’ve also really appreciated the everyday details in the settlements in the Stonedeans sub-region of Rohan. It’s an unusually industrious area with a working waterwheel and a nicely designed open-cast ore mine – lots of lovely little details that form the background to the quests.


Another memorable gaming session was our foray into Deepstrike Mines in Rift. I last tried this dungeon back in 2011 soon after the game launched, we were playing as a trio and probably under-geared and we made very little progress before giving up. This time around, with four characters some synced down in level, we completed the dungeon easily. Some of the monsters were nasty, although the twisting tiers of wooden bridges that form most of it proved to be a challenge as well! This dungeon is an example of beautiful instance design: non-linear, multi-layered with some interesting encounters.


We’ve continued to play ‘catch up‘ on class stories and planetary stories on our Jedi duo and experiencing some of the plot surprises or twists in those stories. The pictured Jedi Knight mission at Uphrades was a particular highlight for me. We’ve just finished chapter 1, so chapter 2 awaits and the planet of Balmorra!

Here’s to more memorable moments to come!

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