Rift gets new souls in the spring

We barely get into February and suddenly the MMO news is coming thick and fast it seems. There’s been a flurry of updates from Perfect World regarding Neverwinter and now Trion have posted details of what will come this year to Rift as it turns 5.


The post linked above mentions “additional souls for all callings”, which is the most interesting element to me of the details given thusfar. They will come as part of the second of two major patches, slated for April and May respectively. I’m really enjoying the soul-system of flexible class builds in our recent return to the game and new options are certainly welcome!


There’s also some details of ambitious upgrades to the game engine, to add a 64-bit version of the client and to enable multi-core processor support, both of which could see the game performing better in future! Not all older MMOs see this kind of investment in the game’s performance so here’s so I take it as a positive sign for Rift’s continued development.

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