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MMORPGs – thinking time

A discussion has started this weekend about thinking and pace in MMORPGs.  Keen raised this issue in a post about a recent Everquest experience. He writes about the different pace of play in Everquest and how that enables a more … Continue reading

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TSW: Filling in the gaps

Yesterday, after a longish session of SWTOR, we were at a loss what to do for a change of pace. Starting a new online game on a whim isn’t actually that practical as it takes a good hour (or more!) … Continue reading

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LOTRO: the peaks of Rohan

While playing the final chapters of the Rohan expansion epic storyline in Lord of the Rings Online, I was stopped in my tracks by the beauty of the landscape around me. As the story had just reached a particularly dramatic … Continue reading

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Trade gameplay and F2P

I’ve realised that the MMOs in my current roster a bit too alike. Playing LOTRO as my main solo game, plus SWTOR both solo and in a duo/trio and then Rift as a quartet means I’m playing a lot of … Continue reading

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Locked gear and lootboxes

A combination of some gaming experiences and recent blog posts brought me around to thinking about gear drops and lootboxes this weekend. Since the widespread adoption of Free to Play as a business model in the MMORPGs genre there has … Continue reading

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SWTOR: Chapter X impressions (no spoilers)

I’ve finally had time to play through the first post-expansion of the Knights of the Fallen Empire story arc – Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise. This post is a few general thoughts and impressions, as always I’ll keep it as … Continue reading

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How easy is it to “just play with friends” in different MMORPGs?

A topic I often refer to on this blog is my desire for removing the barriers to grouping in the MMORPGs that I play – especially while levelling. I game with my partner often and with friends as well. So … Continue reading

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