SWTOR: catching up with class story

My Jedi Shadow is on pause waiting on the release next month of the next chapter of post expansion content. Meanwhile I’m continuing to play SWTOR as a duo or trio group game. We’re alternating the trio game sessions between SWTOR and a rerun of Shadowrun Chronicle’s Boston Lockdown campaign so progress for our Imperials is slower at the moment.

On the hunt

On the hunt

As I wrote recently the various XP bonuses have allowed my characters to creep ahead of their group-mates. Thankfully the auto level-sync on planetary content means we can still do missions together without my character being overpowered. For the flashpoint group I was back playing a Jedi Guardian tank.

Fear my droid army

Fear my droid army

Checking wikis I found he was four planets-worth of class missions behind – at the time of the last post we had Tattooine class missions in our log that were in the level 24-28 range. I certainly want to do the class stories on this character – both to see the Jedi Knight story for the first time and to ensure my character unlocks all the associated legacy benefits (e.g. class buff on all characters). He doesn’t need to do the planetary missions for the XP but I haven’t done them that many times to be honest – it’s still a pleasure to re-run them.


Alderaan has a ‘pest’ problem

Levelling SWTOR characters primarily through flashpoint runs is certainly possible nowadays (see Shintar’s post series documenting exactly this), I haven’t played enough times through yet to be ready for that. Until I have all four base classes levelled to 50 there’s still a solid benefit to be had from ensuring I do the class stories, even if that means some class-story catchup sessions.

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