Cherished MMO worlds

Gaming news has been mixed this last week. The blogosphere has some excited and optimistic posts about the launch of Blade & Soul in the Western market. Only days later it was announced that the steampunk MMO City of Steam is to close; I’d not tried the game but Bhagpuss has a good post about the closure and about his experience of playing the game.

Since reading these articles I’ve been thinking about the MMORPGs that I play and what I would feel like were one of them to shutter. Listening to the most recent episode of the Massively OP Podcast there was even a reader’s question asking the hosts to speculate about a LOTRO reboot. That discussion really struck home as I’m currently back in Turbine’s version of Middle Earth and am loving it once more.


I read on server forums earlier in the week about a concert on Laurelin (EU-RP) organised by players at the Bird and Baby Inn in Michael Delving.  I spent over an hour just listening to the music the band was playing and to reading and interacting with the rest of the audience. It was delightful and such a contrast to what has become my routine in these games – levelling and ‘progressing’. It would be a tragedy if LoTRO were to shutter its servers – this thought isn’t a reaction to some hint of doom or rumour, it’s more a rumination on the brutal realities of the industry.

A friend has recently started playing Rift again so the temptation is there to slot that game for group play sessions, although I’m not sure what game we’ll drop to make time for a return to Telara. I would be sad indeed if Rift were to be shutdown, so perhaps a return to that game is overdue. Although the world and the first expansion in particular didn’t keep my attention in recent years, I have to say the character building system with mix-and-match ‘souls’ is one of the best of any MMORPG that I’ve played.

Temptations of the talent trees

Temptations of the talent trees

With its very open free to play model, it is relatively easy to log in for an occasional visit without spending any money to support the game. Likewise with LoTRO if you’re playing lower level content. I’m of a mind to spend some time in these cherished worlds in 2016, but also to spend some money too to show my direct support to the games and their devs.


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