SWTOR: January is busy and rejecting companions

Since LoTRO was down for server maintenance last night, I logged into SWTOR to play my Imperial Agent some more. We also went on to do some missions on our Imperial trio later that evening and my Bounty Hunter dinged level 50.


I noticed on the fleet that the Gree event was up again, not that a level 12 Imperial Agent has much business going to Ilum. According to the forums The month of January is packed with recurrent events, crammed in as an apology for issues that happened in December. I can’t say I noticed these issues as we were focused on flashpoint runs that month and on levelling our Imperials.


I have done the Gree event a few times in the past and, if memory serves, we all played some of the Rakghoul plague together the first time that appeared. None of us have tried the Bounty Contract event though so that may be worth a look in two weeks time.

The other issue I’ve come across playing SWTOR recently is that of companions that I almost instantly take a like or strong dislike to. It is, perhaps, a testament to the variety and characterisation of these characters by the writers and voice-actors that they provoke a response from me.


One such companion is Skadge on Belsavis; my Bounty Hunter has just encountered him  and the thought of having to play with him, even for a few missions, is akin to nails on a blackboard. My Bounty Hunter is the cool, calm boss – this brutish thug is not a suitable candidate to join his crew! Contrast that with Blizz, whom I love, I will probably never play any other companion with my BH except when forced to on a specific mission. It has been the same with other characters – I played my Consular almost exclusively with Qyzen and my Trooper generally chose M1-4X.

Ever-faithful Qyzen

Ever-faithful Qyzen

I seem to remember there was some talk during the game’s development that there might have been the risk of losing companions due to upsetting them enough or killing them off (deliberately or accidentally) but tester reactions changed the developers minds on this. It is a very different situation from a computer RPG like Dragon’s Age, where the player can reload a save if they make a bad choice. Still I do wish we could refuse some companions a place on our ship point-blank, in some cases a companion can be more of a burden than a blessing.

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2 Responses to SWTOR: January is busy and rejecting companions

  1. I feel you. As I recently talked about on my own blog, it seems to me as if the initial companion for nearly every class is boring at best, insufferable at worst. True pain is suffering through ~15 levels with Kaliyo Djannis as your only possible companion.

    I’ve heard rumours that later Knights chapters will include the option to permanently drive off or kill certain companions. If so, the expansion will be worth the price of admission just to finally be rid of Kaliyo.

  2. Shintar says:

    I think Skadge must be the most unpopular companion character in the game, hands down. People like to rag on Quinn a lot, but he’s at least an interesting character and a love interest. Skadge is just a dumb thug.

    So far I only remember being able to reject one of the new companions from the Alliance missions, but it’s a start and there are quite a few chapters left to come.

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