SWTOR: no mobile tie-ins?

There is a smart-phone authenticator app for SWTOR but no other official mobile tie-ins. Other MMORPGs have (or at least had) more interactive features either in the same or as a separate app. Some examples I’ve come across are the now-defunct Rift Mobile App and Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Mobile Armory App.

The Rift Mobile App had scratch-card like ‘mini-games’ that gave random in-game loot in various categories. When I was playing Rift for a while I had the habit, usually during the commute to and from work, of popping on the App for a few free items. I guess this App vanished when the unified Glyph platform was launched. You can still find screenshots and videos of it online if you’re interested.


My husband makes regular use of the WoW Armory app as a way of checking raid schedules and monitoring auction bids. Something that app doesn’t do is give you the functionality of the in-game add-on Altoholic. That’s something I’d welcome in a smartphone app for all of the MMORPGs that I play.

See what other characters are carrying without swapping...

See what other characters are carrying without swapping…

I was left wondering what a SWTOR App could look like. Beyond authentication, what would be useful or fun to add? The Altoholic style functionality mentioned above for sure could be useful as I have a lot of crafting mats stored rather messily on different characters.

Apps do not need to be limited to character-focused utilities, however. What about a smart phone game that ties into your account. I find myself thinking that the much-criticised ‘on-rails’ space combat would actually make a fun smartphone game. What if you could earn some extra credits while out of the house by playing your daily space missions on your phone?

Potential mobile game?

Potential mobile game?

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  1. Meznir says:

    Space missions would be fun but maybe the ability to send companions off on crew skill missions would be good too.

    I always wanted Neverwinter’s Sword Coast adventures dice roll game turned into an app. I’d still be playing it if it were 🙂

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