SWTOR: rapid progress

The holidays between Christmas and New Year gave me a unusual opportunity to cram in quite a lot of gaming time. I’ve enjoyed a lengthy SWTOR session on our Imperial levelling trio and a bonus flashpoint run or two with a full group of Republic characters.

I didn't know they could do that...!

I didn’t know they could do that…!

The Imp session was during the festive XP bonus period so my character’s level has leapt ahead due to this boost being a subscriber-only perk; my Bounty Hunter now sits at level 49. We were focused on running the planetary and class missions only and that seems to be working well in-terms of not needing to do all the other side missions for the XP.

Go Blizz!

Go Blizz!

Yesterday, as we prepped to run a flashpoint with our Republic group I noticed that my Jedi Guardian had two class missions. That’s common enough, at various points in the levelling process you are given two tasks on two different planets – the difference being that one is, or at least was, lower level than the other. So I was confused by them both being my character’s level, 35. That didn’t make a lot of sense, missions for Tattooine and Alderaan both being level 35 missions? It seems class missions are now sync’ed to your current level automatically.

This does warn me that we need to take some time out from flashpoints to catchup with class missions on these characters. Since we’ve been playing this group almost exclusively for flashpoint runs, they are now two or more planets-worth of class missions behind!


The level syncing is proving a real boon since it means we can put groups together and just play without worrying about level disparities or “getting out of step”.  It’s especially good that this applies to the open zones on planets and not just instances. Many MMORPGs have some form of level-sync for instanced content like dungeons, but to allow characters of varied levels to seamlessly quest together is rarer.

A long way down...

A long way down…

So I have two characters that have made substantial progress over the last month. We’ll have the dilemma of what to do when they reach level 50 – neither friend owns any of the expansions yet. They could sub for a month to unlock the Fallen Empire expansion content and the previous expansions as well but we could equally just start another levelling trio to see more class stories and more of the original game – levelling this fast means there is always plenty of content you haven’t fully explored!


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  1. The double XP was certainly a crash course for me, being essentially new to the game. I hit max level on my agent while still in the first chapter of the class story. Think I was on Tatooine at the time? Somewhere in that range.

    I like it, though. I have my full class toolkit, and level scaling is keeping all the content relevant. Would that more RPGs could work this way.

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