2016 gaming resolutions

I’ll take this slightly delayed post as an opportunity to lay out my own “gaming resolutions” for 2016. It’s something a number of bloggers do, I actually rather like the idea of having such a post to refer back to at the end of the year as a measuring stick of the year’s gaming.

1. Get to that cap!

It has long been a bugbear of mine that I join MMORPGs late and then get bored with playing before I even reach the “real game” at the level cap. It’s a reality that the majority of players are at the end so levelling can be lonely, and a mostly solo affair.

So two games are the highest priority here, Everquest 2 and Lord of the Rings Online. I’ve sunk a good amount of time into characters in both games and it’s about time I caught up and saw the journey to completion. In EQ2 it’s likely I’ll stick with my shadowknight to the bitter end (sort your levelling curve Daybreak!).

In LoTRO the newly revamped Blessing of the Valar could boost my champion straight to level 95 (9 levels above his current 84) but then story is very important in LoTRO and I’ve felt disconnected from insta-dinged characters in the past. It’d also be rather poor value to spend 2995 Turbine points (just over £15 at time of writing) for just 9 levels.


Onwards to Gondor!

2. Keep up with the story in SWTOR

This is a big goal for 2016, linked to the one above. I do have a capped character in SWTOR so the main aim there is to find enough time to keep up with the story chapters as they are released. I don’t foresee them being so long that this will be a problem.

Sticking with my shadow

Sticking with my shadow

3. Chua time

Despite having so many games to play and so many other time pressures I still find myself wanting to give our Chua duo in Wildstar some playtime. It’d be nice to get them at least as far as I did my engineer – to Whitevale. I have enjoyed playing spellslinger when we have played so would be happy to continue this journey at some point in 2016.


4. Building a proper home

Thinking back on my first impressions of Trove and also the time I’ve spent in EQ2 recently, I really should give housing some attention this year. Rather than just plonking items down in my shadowknight’s house where there happens to be space, I want to take a play-session or two to actually decorate the Kromzek Keep I bought using the daily quest tokens. That place is enormous and could accommodate a more logical and artistic arrangement of all the various zone rewards I’ve accumulated.

Cramped quarters

Cramped quarters

Likewise I should probably give my housing plot in Wildstar some thought if we get back to playing the Chua since that game’s housing is so well designed.Having done the Halloween and Christmas themed missions to tour other people’s housing plots I am impressed by what people have achieved with their plots.

So that’s my main goals for the year. Four is a good number as some of them will take quite a time investment to reach. The one unknown factor at the moment is when WoW’s Legion expansion will arrive as that will no doubt divert my gaming time for a month or more.

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