2016 starts in Trove!

Although I had planned to start the year with a predictive post about what I’m planning to play, my regular gaming trio has somewhat randomly ended up in Trion’s highly colourful and stylised MMO, Trove. Over the last few days we’d played a heady amount of SWTOR  on our Imperial trio and needed something very different to play as an alternate game.

Tutorial land

Tutorial land

The concensus was for something new rather than an old haunt; we considered a few titles like Path of Exile and Devilian (both Diablo-style games) but then I remembered Trove as a game oft-mentioned by the blogosphere in recent months.

Oh my.

Our first session of Trove lasted 8 hours with a break halfway for food, during said break we talked about the game the whole time. That kind of “can’t put it down” feeling is rare for me let alone all three of us.

Trove pirates have ... erm ... Zeppelins?

Trove pirates have … erm … Zeppelins?

The graphics are simplistic yet also beautifully rendered. The opponent monsters are very varied and have some great sound effects, the ‘death’ noise of many is noteworthy (if not outright cutesy). I never did get into Minecraft when that was all the rage, it seemed like too much construction and not enough game – Trove solves that by adding a good layer of MMORPG on top of the block-building side.

Why are there always spiders in MMOs?

Why are there always spiders in MMOs?

We’ve only scratched the surface really so far: my highest class is level 10 and I am mastery rank 5. We have followed the main quest or tutorial task series through to our first Shadow Tower challenge but haven’t yet tried it.

Our first Sky Realm adventure was a lot of gliding fun!

Our first Sky Realm adventure was a lot of gliding fun!

Like Final Fantasy 14 the game allows you to unlock all classes on one character. These require you to earn in-game currency called cubits, or to purchase credits with real money. The game’s store offerings can be bought with either, it’s either an equitable way of allowing players to prioritise time vs money investment in the game or it’s a temptation to splash the cash depending on your take on free to play models. It reminded me of both SWTOR’s approach and Trion’s own Rift store also.

So far I have my initial choice of Shadowhunter and the new Chloromancer class unlocked for free. The latter comes from a cross-promotion with Rift. Login and complete a two-click quest in either starting capital city to unlock it. You’ll also receive a free dimension key for “Peaceful Hills” in Rift – I haven’t had the time to log back in to see what that is like but at some point I’ll have to take a peek at that.

Playing a game like Trove, a veritable builder’s paradise, re-enforces the knowledge that I simply do not have the inclination for house building. I like housing in games but as a place to display and arrange trophies and mementoes. Having to make the house before I can show off the spoils of my adventures has always been a turn-off to me. Both my two companions have already begun house-customisation in earnest. Whether this game finally tempts me to give it more than a token go remains to be seen.

As to the rest of my games, I can assure regular readers this will not become a trove-only blog. I still intend to continue with other games, at least for my solo game sessions. I suspect that, despite all its charms, Trove’s lack of story will eventually see us returning to other virtual worlds soon enough.

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