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Tying character or skill development to the virtual world.

Reading a thread on Reddit about skill-based character progression system design set my imagination wandering in a slightly tangential direction. What about tying character development or skill acquisition to the virtual world of the game? What about, for instance, if … Continue reading

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Rift: making grouping as easy as possible

Yesterday I read a post over at Massively by Larry about Elder Scrolls Online and the dev plans for expanding level-syncing. The post lists six areas that need improvement where grouping up is concerned. It’s a topic close to my … Continue reading

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SWTOR: catching up with class story

My Jedi Shadow is on pause waiting on the release next month of the next chapter of post expansion content. Meanwhile I’m continuing to play SWTOR as a duo or trio group game. We’re alternating the trio game sessions between … Continue reading

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Cherished MMO worlds

Gaming news has been mixed this last week. The blogosphere has some excited and optimistic posts about the launch of Blade & Soul in the Western market. Only days later it was announced that the steampunk MMO City of Steam … Continue reading

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Click to move in MMORPGs, good or bad?

Click to move is a bit of strange feature in MMORPGs. It’s common enough in some genres, action RPGs like Diablo for instance. In my experience it’s a bit rarer in this genre, at least as a default-on or obvious … Continue reading

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Setting up house

As reported in a recent post I’m going to make an effort this year with housing in MMORPGs. First up is the housing in Lord of the Rings Online, the game has had housing for a very, very long time … Continue reading

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Combat RNG in RPGs and MMORPGs

This weekend I played a good amount of D&D (3.5/Pathfinder) and I was reminded of the amount of randomisation in the game. Skill use, attacks and damage are just some of the elements of gameplay that are influenced by polyhedral … Continue reading

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