SWTOR: feeling motivated

Over the Christmas holiday I’ve ended up seeing the new Star Wars film (The Force Awakens) not once, but twice. We rarely go to the cinema at all these days so it’s doubly unusual to have seen a film two times in quick succession. The film is well worth seeing, it is action packed and very well crafted. I really enjoyed it for the humour and drama, but I’ll admit I am rather a Star Wars fan so I’ll not bother attempting an objective review.

The gaming relevance to this is that I’m feeling very motivated to get back into SWTOR when we return to the post-holidays routine. Hopefully we’ll return to regular sessions of our Imperial levelling trio in 2016, I’m very close to getting a rather special companion for my Bounty Hunter on our current planet of Hoth…

Image from SWTOR Wikia page

I also have a new solo character to carry on progressing when I have the free time. I haven’t progressed much recently with the KotFE expansion’s “end-game”, the series of companion missions and Star Fortress instances, because of other gaming priorities and because we started playing lower level characters in flashpoints with some friends.

According to forum discussions the next chapter of the story will be coming in February so that gives me some time to get a little further on my Jedi Shadow main, but is there any requirements beyond having reached the end of the current story? I haven’t found any solid details about this but I’m hoping Bioware will avoid the pitfall of locking future story progression behind MMO-style grind. Regardless I am looking forward to the next chapter of the story opening up soon!

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  1. Shintar says:

    I’m pretty certain there won’t be any additional requirements for starting chapter 10, considering that the “play” button is already there and just stuck at “coming soon”. The only thing that’s currently uncertain is whether the level/status of your Alliance will have an effect on the outcome of the story in the end. I think most people are hoping for a “no”, but we don’t know for certain at this point.

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