Tempting you online at Christmas

During the busiest days of the holiday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, gaming had to take a backseat. That said there has been an extra incentive, in at least one game, to get online and do some questing; Everquest 2 has a bonus XP event ongoing through to tomorrow at noon (PST).


Since my shadowknight is a mostly blank slate for such event quests, it’s a chance to grab some extra experience away from the current zone he’s levelling through. The bonus experience is a pretty strong incentive to get some more EQ2 time in while it lasts.


Has anything particular tempted you online over this weekend?

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1 Response to Tempting you online at Christmas

  1. Christmas is something of a non-event for me, so I mostly just continued gaming as normal. Been giving SWTOR a third try, and I think it might actually stick this time. Also played a little StarCraft II with a friend overseas — it’s having a double XP event.

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