LoTRO 2016 plans

The Executive Producer has posted an update on the official website outlining in brief the plans for next years developments for LoTRO. I’ve popped back into the game to finally get around to properly exploring the Festive event of Yule.


I’ll come back to the festival in another post when I’ve explored it some more; but the Producer’s letter raises the spectre once more of a level cap rise, the game hasn’t had one for some time. My champion is now 84 so he has another 16 levels to reach the current cap – no date is given but at some point that goal post will be moving another five levels further away.

The letter outlines some of the content to come, the Battle of Pelennor Fields and a new 12-person raid. Interestingly character’s will be able to keep their existing Legendary Items and to further increase their power in step with your character. That’s a positive piece of news as the earlier versions of the LI system were marred by just how disposable the ‘Legendary Items’ were. Although replacing gear at the start of an expansion is standard in MMORPGs, in LoTRO it was jarring that these supposedly rare items that grow with your character can be so easily discarded.

The letter also mentions some 2015 highlights, including the cities of Osgiliath and Minas Tirith, both of which my character hasn’t seen yet. I look forward to finally setting foot into Gondor proper and seeing these areas myself!

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